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Frequently asked questions

What is a repeat prescription?

A repeat prescription is the regular medication that you are taking and which you can order without the need to see a doctor.


How can I order my repeat prescription?

Please see the page titled: Order Your Medication


What is an electronic prescription?

Please see the page titled: Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)


How long does it take to collect a repeat prescription?

These are normally available in 5 full working days but please put your repeat prescription request in good time where possible. The best way of obtaining your repeat prescription as quickly as possible is to use the NHS app for ordering. This is quick and easy to use once you have set it up and you will receive a notification when your medication is ready to collect if you also sign up for the pharmacy text service. Register for the pharmacy text service either when you are next in the pharmacy or by email to: berinsfield.pharmacy@nhs.net 


Why does it take 5 full working days ( and sometime longer) to collect a repeat prescription?

We receive prescriptions and dispense normally for over 500 items a day. The prescriptions have to first be processed and authorised by your GP before being sent on to the pharmacy.  The prescriptions are then processed in the pharmacy where the medication may have to be ordered in, dispensed and assembled ready for collection. For example, you put your prescription order at your GP practice on Monday Morning, we aim to get your prescription ready after 3pm Friday. Most GP practice will process your repeat medicines requests within 24 hours and  then release the prescriptions to the pharmacy. We will prioritise all the urgent medications such as antibiotics and new medications that the patient needs to start on the same day. The commonest reason for delays is usually supply issues with certain medications- these are often unpredictable and variable. The staff then have to try to order your medication from a different supplier. If you are signed up to the pharmacy text service (see above), we can notify you of any delay. We will always do our best for obtain your medication or suggest an alternative.


I am going away, how do I get medicines to cover my time away?

Please plan ahead and order your prescription in good time. If you are going away for an extended period, please message your GP practice to request an extended supply. If you lose or have forgotten your medication while you are away, you can contact your GP practice to request an urgent medicines request via the Urgent Medicines Supply Service (see here) to a local pharmacy if you can let them know the pharmacy you would attend.


What do I do if my medicines are lost or have unexpectedly run out.

You will need to contact your GP practice to arrange an urgent repeat prescription via the Urgent Medicines Supply Service (see here). Please note that simply acquiring a duplicate or new repeat prescription would normally still require the usual 5 working day processing time although we would try to help where someone is in genuine difficulty.


Can I have my medicine delivered to me?

Although a door-to-door delivery service is not available, volunteers from some of the surrounding villages operate a village car service.This is mainly for patients who would otherwise have difficulty getting to the pharmacy/health centre. Please ask in the pharmacy or at Berinsfield Health Centre reception for more information.


Why are my medicines in a different box or appear as a different tablet from the last time?

If your medicine is supplied by brand name, the pharmacy is obliged to issue the product containing that brand name but it may be it is supplied by another manufacturer under that brand name. There can be apparent differences in packaging and even minor differences in dosage but these branded equivalents are only permitted to be used in the NHS where the product has met the required standard to be judged safe and with the same effectiveness as the original. These non-original brands are generally more cost-effective for the NHS.


If your medicine is supplied as a generic (the non-brand name of the medication), this is because there can be many different manufacturers of that item and pharmacies will generally order the most readily available and cost-effective item, again to minimise the cost to the NHS. However, pricing can be very variable month to month or there are availability difficutlies so the pharmacy has to use an alternative supplier/different manufacturer. There will be apparenbt differences in packaging and appearance of the medicine but the active ingredient will be the same and the drug will work in exactly the same way. The NHS regulates all the drugs that are supplied through community pharmacies.



Why are repeat prescriptions only for one month?

A 28 day repeat prescribing interval is recognised by the NHS as making the best possible balance between patient convenience, good medical practice and minimal drug wastage. In some circumstances, longer supplies of repeat prescriptions may be arranged. In some cases, where you are on regular medication that does not change from month to month, you can ask for a repeat dispensing arrangement where your GP effectively pre-issues all your prescriptions for the year and you can then request your repeat directly from the pharmacy. Please discuss these options with your GP or practice pharmacist if you think this would be beneficial to you.


Can I order something that is not on my repeat prescription?


No, you will need to contact your surgery if you want something that is not listed in your repeat prescription, even if it has been on your repeat prescription list in the past.


Do I need to pay for my prescription? Please see the page titled Prescription charges and Exemptions here.


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